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Class Reunions for 2005



If your class is having a reunion, email or send me the information to include on the site.

Also any pictures from your reunions that you would like to provide, would greatly be appreciated.  Any pictures will need to be in digital format.

Class of 1950

  • October 7th - Starting at 1pm - Elks Club - Fellowship, Dinner, and a short meeting.
  • October 8th - Starting at 9am - Elks Club - Breakfast and Fellowship.

For more information contact: David Stoner, 755 Timberlake Drive, Galion, OH 44833

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Class of 1955 - No information at this time

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Class of 1960 - Will hold their class reunion September 2-4th

  • September 2nd - Starting at 6pm at the Pizza Hut
  • September 3rd - Starting at 6pm Buck Monnett's
  • September 4th - Starting at 9:30am Brunch at the Galion Elks

If you have not made your reservations yet, call Joe Kleinknecht at 419-468-3460.

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Class of 1965 - Will hold their class reunion on August 6th.

  • Galion Elks  -  6pm.

If anyone has any questions, they may contact Bill Durtschi at 419-462-5982.

More information will be supplied once received.

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Class of 1970 - No information at this time

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Class of 1975 - No information at this time

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Class of 1980 - No information at this time

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Class of 1985 - No Information at this time

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Class of 1990 - No information at this time

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Class of 1995

Saturday, July 30, 2005 at 6:00 p.m.
St. Joseph's Activity Center
115 N. Liberty Street, Galion, OH 44833

$20.00 per person, $30.00 per couple

RSVP to Beth (Hollis) Hensel at
or (740) 389-9610

The following is a list of classmates still needing to contact.

If you know how to get in touch with them, please contact Beth.

Last Name First Name Married Name Last Name First Name Married Name
Adams Nathan   Kleffman Natalie  
Alstadt Brandon   Knauber Christi  
Bachelder Chad   Krizan Nicole  
Bachelder Nathan   Kuhn Shannon  
Baldinger Eric   Lallathin Jaemie  
Bates Samuel   Logan Amy  
Bates Shawna   Lord Steve  
Bauer Tim   Mahaffey Bob  
Bays Tora   Makeever Jeremy  
Beach Jeremy   Marks Mike  
Bennett Patrick   Martin Matt  
Binkley Todd   Martin Mike  
Blackford David   Matney Derek  
Borders Mary   May Alysia  
Bostic Sherry   McClintock Carla  
Brady Evelyn   McCoy Angela  
Branam Adam   McGowan Heather  
Brown Dennis   McMilen Christina  
Caskey Carrie   McNeal Andrea  
Clark Ranee   Melvin Dan  
Claus Andy   Miller Nathan  
Conant Misty   Montgomery Angie  
Conley Rebecca   Moody Tyrell  
Conrad Jason   Moyer Jake  
Cook Rich   Munoz Jorge  
Copley Jenny-Lynn   Myers Kim  
Corbin Stacey   Nelson John  
Cowan Michael   Olmstead Michelle  
Crase Kyla   Packard Joel  
Crase Waylon   Parks Tammy  
Crawford Eric   Parsons Nathan  
Davis Carri   Payton Valerie  
Degray Kari   Price Davina Morrison
Dehring Michelle   Price Dustin  
Detrow Jamie   Price Jeremy  
Dull Mark   Ratcliff Terry  
Feustal Rebecca Willis Rigby Amy  
Flick George   Rivera Richard  
Fox Steve   Rine Samara  
Franks Travis   Robertson Lori  
Freeman Tammy   Rode Rachel  
Fultz Brandi   Rumbarger Jim  
Gehrisch Kris   Sand Rodney  
Grau Jeremy   Shade Amber  
Green Justin   Shade Scott  
Guy Scott   Shaver Missy  
Harris Shelley   Shope Norman  
Heckert Joe   Schultz Cory  
Hildebrand Jessica   Slusher Laurenda  
Hill Carrie   Smith Brian C.  
Hill John   Smith Brian W.  
Holland Richard   Smith Heidi  
Hoover Ben   Smith Shelley  
Horne Brant   Stamper Ray  
Hoskins Aaron   Stewart Nicole  
Hoskins April   Stumpf Jeremy  
Huddlestun Carrie   Swank Jenifer  
Huff Ian   Teynor R.C.  
Ison Kandy   Tomassetti Steve  
Jackson Jamie   Watson Mark  
Javens Kim Hollingsworth Weaver Jenny  
Kast Joey   Williams Eugene  
Kelly Max   Williams Marc  
Kleffman Jason   Young Mandy  







Class of 2000 - No information at this time

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